Night Raider

Night Raider Box Art

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Sinclair Spectrum

Night Raider was the conversion of an Atari ST game (originally named 'Dive Bomber' in the USA) to the Sinclair Spectrum. It was a World War II 'action simulation' that saw the player flying a Grumman Avenger out to sea to sink the notorious Bismarck.

Night Raider screenshot: Championship Course

One of the game's several in-cockpit views.

My role on the project was simply that of creating the sprites and a number of control panel and cockpit display screens for the Spectrum. This was achieved by studying the intricate full-screen 16-colour original graphics of the Atari version and converting them to a tiny black and white character set that just managed to fit into the Spectrum's minuscule memory space.

Additional Credits

Dave 'Ken' Pridmore Music, Programming
Greg Holmes Programming

Further Information

More information on the various formats of the game can be found on Moby Games' Dive Bomber page.


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