College Slam

College Slam

My Role

Sony PlayStation
SEGA Saturn
Super Nintendo
SEGA Genesis
Project Management and Design

I arrived at Acclaim Studios Teesside in the October of 1995 to be placed in control of a project rapidly heading towards its end date but on five formats that were diverging by the day. The project - College Slam - the third and final outing for the code that began with Acclaim's NBA JAM arcade conversion. The solution - many, many lists and a lot of organisation, which brought all five versions in on time, ready for release the following month.

Additional Credits

The full credits for the game can be viewed on the Moby Games page for College Slam.

Nick BagleyLead Graphics
Rob WhitakerGraphics
Darren Hodgson Graphics
Colin MulhernGraphics
Ian McBurneyGraphics
Andy WrightGraphics
Tom HigginsGraphics
Martin 'Miz' EdwardsSNES Programming
Jason FalcusSNES Programming
Chris KirbyPlayStation Programming
Steve 'Snake' PalmerSEGA Saturn Programming
Dave 'Dex' SemmensPC Programming
Darren TunnicliffeSEGA Saturn Programming
Mark WilkinsonPC Programming
Jason WhitakerPC Programming
Nathan WhitakerSEGA Genesis Programming


Simon Phipps

My name is Simon Phipps. I'm a UK-based artist, designer, programmer and web designer and I've been making videogames professionally since 1984.
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