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I began making games in May 1982.

I am one of the UK generation of self-taught back-bedroom programmers, who, inspired by arcade Space Invaders, the movie TRON, friends' self-built Sinclair ZX81s and school Commodore PET microcomputers wanted to have a go at making their own games.

I succeeded and my first published game, Jet Power Jack was written while I was at school.

Having finished my Higher Education I spent a few months writing business software before I was approached to provide some freelance artwork for the Sheffield-based company, Gremlin Graphics. At my interview I was offered a full-time position and I took the chance of leaving the world of safe and serious computing behind to give the more risky business of videogames a try.

This 'try' has lasted far longer than I had ever expected and it has, at times, been a bit of a rollercoaster ride along the way. During it I've met and worked with some amazing and talented people, I've seen a fair few game formats come and go and adapted my role many times as the task of making videogames has become increasingly more complex, expensive and time-consuming.

Where appropriate (or feasible, game teams can run to easily 100 people now) I have tried to credit those who worked alongside me on these projects. Without their talents the games would never have been made. (You know who you are - as I say on the homepage - if I've made an error or an omission please mail me and let me know about it.)


Simon Phipps

My name is Simon Phipps. I'm a UK-based artist, designer, programmer and web designer and I've been making videogames professionally since 1984.
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