The 365 Mickeys Project

Before we begin...(a.k.a. sorry, these are not mine to sell)

Since I put all these images online I've been receiving nice e-mails from folks around the world who'd like to own or use one of my Mickey images for some commercial purpose or other (a logo, a book cover, etc.) This is all very flattering, but I'd like to remind anyone visiting this site that Mickey Mouse is Disney's copyright and these are works of fan art that cannot be sold.

Please enjoy these images for what they are. I don't want myself or any of my visitors to get into trouble with Disney (or their lawyers) - I like what they do, and it annoys me to see an off-model unlicensed Mickey (and, believe me, a lot of my Mickey art is 'off model') so I don't want to encourage it.

So while I can't and won't sell these images, if you would like to commission me to create an original piece of art for you that doesn't infringe on anyone else's copyright, please get in touch.

Right, let's continue...

365 Mickeys!?!!

Disney Dreams

Mickey #367 - 'Mickey as Dreamfinder with Figment'

Painted in Sept 2012 to raise money for the the WDW Radio Dream Team Project

This monster 'fan art' project began as a love letter to my wife, Jayne.

Jayne is a huge fan of Disney theme parks and back in November 2010 I spent an idle Sunday afternoon doodling pictures of Mickey Mouse. Inspired by some of the artwork I'd seen on sale at the D-Street store at Disneyland in Anaheim earlier that year, I drew Mickey as various Hallowe'en monsters in a number of different styles.

Jayne loved them and urged me to draw more. So, in a moment of (semi) madness I said, "If you can give me a theme, I'll draw you a Mickey every day for a year." (This was also, in small part, inspired by seeing Gateway by Ik-joong Kang at San Francisco International Airport - an amazing permanent installation in which the artist created 5,265 pieces of artwork on long commutes while a student - if you're ever at SFO International, I urge you to stop for five minutes and check it out.)

And so, on November 7th 2010, I began to draw Mickeys. One a day, using coloured marker pens, on blank 3.5" x 5.5" postcards, taking 20 minutes of my time to draw something for her no matter where in the world I was going to be at the time. With Jayne supplying the subject for each drawing the Mickeys became a slightly anarchic diary reflecting the events of each day in some shape or form. (Although it has to be said that thinking up a unique subject for each day has become a challenge in itself!)

Disney Dreams

'Disney Dreams'

By mid-January 2011, the stack of Mickeys had grown and Jayne urged me to share them online as fan art (which also spurred me on to completely redesign and rebuild this site at the same time to make space for them.)

In September 2011, my site caught the attention of the folks at the WDW Radio Podcast and they featured my work in this interview with me on the WDW Radio blog.

And, to raise funds for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, I was honoured to be asked to paint a special portrait of Mickey, entitled 'Disney Dreams', based on the WDW Radio Dream Team Project logo. The painting was auctioned by WDW Radio on October 1st 2011 during their marathon 40-hour live broadcast from Walt Disney World to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

I'm pleased to say that the painting sold and helped contribute to the $17,000 total raised over the weekend broadcast.

On November 6th 2011, I achieved my objective with 365 drawings of Mickey done in one year. A few remained to be coloured, scanned and uploaded, but all the hard work was done. (The final stack of drawings stands 3-and-a-half inches high and we don't have a wall big enough to hang them on!)

All 365 Mickeys

Jayne, with all 365 Mickeys, Nov 6th 2011.
(As featured in Celebrations Magazine #23.)

So here, is my gallery of Mickeys. A miniature Mickey marathon - a 365-day journey into drawing the world's favourite mouse, in which my cartooning skills visibly improve, Mickey gradually gets more and more 'on model', I burn through a monstrous amount of postcards and Letraset Promarkers, meet some new friends online and nearly send everyone in the household insane when the phrase "Darling, what's today's Mickey, then?" gets mentioned.

Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas (I hope I've mentioned you all in the comments) and for your very kind words - it's been a wonderful ride.

Update - January 2014:
  • Jayne has since made an appearance in Celebrations Magazine issue #23 displaying the Mickeys.
  • I've extended this section of my site with a Beyond 365 Mickeys page to allow me to post anything new I create that's Disney/Mickey related in future. (Since, well, it was bound to happen, wasn't it?)
  • In celebration of EPCOT's 30th, my painting of Mickey as Dreamfinder was auctioned during the 28-30 September 2012 WDW Radio Online Auction to raise money for the the WDW Radio Dream Team Project. To date, the Dream Team Project has raised over $250,000 for Make-a-Wish.
  • In 2013, I did it again and my Peter Pan-inspired Mickey painting Second Star to the Right was auctioned by WDW Radio to raise even more cash (Props to Kelly D, who got the winning bid once again!)

One footnote:

  • Legally-speaking, I understand that these images fall under the categorisation of 'Disney fan art' (at least that's the spirit in which they've been drawn.) But it's worth reiterating that Mickey Mouse is Copyright © Disney. I am not associated with Disney, its affiliates or anything, just a fan of the mouse who made a crazy promise to his wife and decided to share this madness online.


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