When not making or playing videogames, I draw stuff.

I've been making pictures for as long as I can remember. And before affordable computers came along I drew cartoon characters, robots, spaceships and monsters, wanting to perhaps some day make movies where I could see the ideas in my head come to life.

Getting my first computer back in 1982 allowed me to make my art move, and over the subsequent years I taught myself programming, made games and finally got a job where I got paid every day for drawing and animating all the things I'd dreamed about. (Now, if you hadn't already gathered from my other pages this has been incredibly, incredibly cool.)

This did have a downside though - it meant that for the greater part of the late '80s and most of the '90s I stopped drawing for myself. I began associating making pictures with work.

It wasn't really until I became a full-time Game Designer in 1995 and my job involved long periods working away from my family that I rediscovered drawing and painting away from the computer screen.

After a number of years experimenting with oils, acrylics and marker pens I turned my focus back to digital and have spent recent years improving my digital painting skills using GIMP, Manga Studio, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I've learned that practice is the key, so I'm always pushing myself to keep drawing.

In 2009-2010 I undertook the mammoth 365 Mickeys Project - in which some Sunday afternoon doodlings and an idle comment to my wife got me into donating some of my artwork for charity and drawing many, many, many images of the world's favourite mouse.

Since then I've returned to improving my digital painting skills on more serious work that can be seen in the Pin Ups & Alternative section. Prints of some of my original work are available for sale on and

More recently I've started doing private commissions - if you'd like to commission a piece of artwork from me, please get in touch.


Simon Phipps

My name is Simon Phipps. I'm a UK-based artist, designer, programmer and web designer and I've been making videogames professionally since 1984.
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